Bain Marie Repair

Bain Marie Repair

Bain Maries are a vital part of many kitchens and catering companies, ensuring to retain food at an appetizing and healthy temperature for customers to enjoy. In commercial food businesses, there’s no margin for a faulty Bain Marie as this can negatively affect the safety and quality of meals. In case of breakdown FAJ is your most trusted commercial bain marie repair. With our decades of market presence in Dubai and UAE, we have a highly skilled team of expert bain marie technicians. With us, you never have to worry for your commercial bain marie repair and servicing issues.
We understand how damaging a faulty bain marie can prove for your business as this can endanger the food quality and safety including slow down serving of food to the customers. We ensure timely responses and robust commercial bain marie repair service so that your customers can enjoy food and your business doesn’t face any revenue loss. Our team is well versed with many popular makes & models, ready to apply any fix be it the most simplest or the most complex bain marie repair. Our expert technicians have an in-depth knowledge of various types of equipment including gas or electric, hot or cold, wet or dry, benchtop, drop in bath or freestanding unit and refrigerated bain marie.

Some common signs that your bain marie isn’t working properly:

Bain Marie Repair

Let us guide you through a series of common signs which can indicate whether you require the services of a commercial bain marie repair technician.

  • Temperature fluctuations

  • Uneven heating

  • Broken thermostat

  • Broken controls & knobs

  • Leakages

  • Short circuits

  • Clicking or sparking

  • Heating element burn out

  • No or low flame

  • Not turning on at all

If you experience any of these issues then it’s time to call in a commercial bain marie repair expert. While it is encouraged to identify issues in your equipment, never try to fix your bain marie equipment yourself. This can prove to be hazardous to your health / safety and can cause more harm than good. Don’t worry in case you are wondering about a bain marie repair near me, just give us a call to book an inspection and our skilled technicians will take care of the rest.

Should I repair or totally replace my faulty unit?

The most important thought that comes when faced with a broken bain marie unit is whether I should bear the duration and cost of repair or should I completely replace my whole unit. Well the short answer is to call in a commercial bain marie repair expert and let them refurbish your equipment to top notch conditions.
As the commercial life of a bain marie is over a decade if taken properly care of, it will always be cheaper to repair than buy a whole new unit itself. Not only will this ensure that your equipment is in effective condition, it will also ensure that your bain marie is energy efficient saving you loads of money in the long run. A quality bain marie repair will rejuvenate the operational life of your commercial equipment.

FAJ: The most trusted solution for your uninterrupted catering needs.

Having decades of market presence in Dubai and UAE, we have built a strong trust based relation with our clients. With an impressive 100% customer satisfaction, we are committed to giving reliable and robust commercial bain marie repair service at extremely cost effective rates. We have a team of skilled experts who are equipped with the latest technological tools to ensure swift commercial bain marie repair, reducing down time and minimizing revenue loss for your business. In addition, we always replace any parts or components with original and OEM parts with valid warranties.
For your total peace of mind, we give you the option of monthly, quarterly or annually maintenance services. Our team is always a call away in case follow ups are required. We highly regard the value of your time and for the same reason, we have made commercial bain marie repair appointments as effortless as possible for our valued customers. Give us a call to book an appointment.

Extensive solution to every type of Bain Marie

We at FAJ Professional are proud to provide a wide range of solutions for fixing every type of Bain Marie units in residential and commercial places. Our committed team of professionals is prepared to tackle a wide range of problems, guaranteeing that your Bain Marie operates at peak efficiency. Following are types of Bain Marie that we repair.

  • Countertop Bain Marie

  • Drop In Bain Marie

  • Electric Bain Marie

  • Gas Bain Marie Dry Bain Marie

  • Mobile Bain Marie

  • Round Bain Marie

  • commercial Bain Marie

  • Electric Bain Marie

  • Free standing Bain Marie

  • display bain marie

  • bain marie display counter

  • hot bain marie

  • stainless steel bain marie

  • catering bain marie

  • cold bain marie counter

  • hot cupboard bain marie

  • chilled bain marie

  • hot and cold bain marie

  • bain marie chiller

  • bain marie counter

  • bain marie display counter

  • bain marie food warmer

  • commercial bain marie

  • dry heat bain marie

  • hot bain marie counter


How often should I get my commercial bain marie serviced?
As these equipment go through a cycle of rigorous use, having a timely commercial bain marie repair and maintenance is very essential. The recommendation is at least servicing it once annually.
What temperature should a bain marie maintain?
The ideal temperature for a bain-marie to prevent bacterial growth on food is between 60 and 70 degrees celsius and should never reach boiling point.
What will be the cost of my repairs?
The cost of repair depends on the nature of issues and services required. We provide quotes before applying actual fixes.
I found you in my bain marie repair near me list. Do you take urgent requests?
YES. Our team is available 7 days a week through official timings to address any urgent or emergency complaints in Dubai and UAE.
Do you provide periodic maintenance and AMC?
YES. For the client’s peace of mind we do sign routine preventive maintenance and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs).