Dough Mixer Repair

Dough Mixer Repair

If you are in the business of running bakeries, pizzerias, eateries and restaurants then a commercial dough mixer is a vital piece of equipment in your facility’s kitchen. This piece of technological marvel has changed our ways of food creation never thought before. If it goes down, your entire establishment and services would suffer. Don’t worry as FAJ has got you covered for all your commercial dough mixer repair and maintenance needs. We understand the urgency to minimize revenue loss if your equipment breaks down, that is why we have a dedicated team of expert technicians 7 days a week to cater your commercial dough mixer repair issues.
With a team of highly knowledgeable, skilled and expert technicians no repair project is impossible for us. We have equipped our technicians with the most technological tools and they are well versed with numerous big brands, make and models. Our decades of market presence in the Dubai and UAE market, we have established the best name in the field of commercial dough mixer repair services.

What is a dough mixer?

Food Mixer

A commercial dough mixer, also called food mixer, blends a number of ingredients together to make cookies, cakes, muffins, breads, desserts, and other foods in your kitchens. Because of their versatility, they have become a favorite tool for people in the food businesses. They are motorized mixers which are used to mix things rather than cook food. Being a piece of electronics they are prone to failures and we are always here for your commercial dough mixer repair solutions. We are your best bet for your dough mixer repair solutions.

Signs I am looking for a dough mixer repair near me:

While your dough mixer is functional, it seems nothing much can go wrong with it. If they aren’t serviced timely, parts wear & tear and need to be replaced. Let us guide you through some signs that in case you require a dough mixer repair near me.

  • Overheating

  • Leakages

  • Mixer isn't starting

  • Mixture is not combining

  • Short circuits / sparking

  • Heavy turning and lifting

  • Mixer blades having knots

  • Unusual Noises & vibrations

  • Buttons & Knobs not working

  • Ingredients taking a longer to mix

If you are experiencing any of these issues then it’s time to get in touch with a commercial dough mixer repair expert. While we encourage you to identify issues in your equipment, we strongly discourage you to attempt any fix on the dough mixing equipment yourself. This can cause more harm than good and can prove to be quite hazardous to your health / safety. Don’t worry if you are wondering about a commercial dough mixer repair near me, contact us today to book an inspection and our expert technicians will take care of the rest.

Repair or Replace. Which is better?

It can be quite a tricky decision to make if one needs to assess a broken equipment for repair or replacement. Let us clear your confusion, a quality commercial dough mixer repair will always prove to be cheaper than replacing your equipment as a whole. It will also rejuvenate the functionality of your equipment and enhance its operational life by 40%.
A reliable service will also ensure that all the worn out parts are replaced to improve your dough mixer’s efficiency. A timely commercial dough mixer repair and routine maintenance will prove to make your machine energy efficient. A worn out machine will always draw more electric power and will experience resistance in its working.

Choose FAJ Services for all your commercial dough repair and maintenance needs.

Over decades of market presence in Dubai and UAE, we have built a very strong trust based relation with our clients. We can proudly claim 100% customer satisfaction rate and we are committed to providing robust dough mixer repair service at extremely unbeatable cost effective rates. We have a team of skilled experts who are equipped with the latest technological tools to ensure swift commercial dough mixer repairs, reducing down time and minimizing revenue loss for your business. On top of it, we always replace any parts and components with original OEM parts with valid warranties.
For your total peace of mind, we give our customers the option of monthly, quarterly or annually maintenance services. We are just a call away in case follow ups are required. We highly regard the value of your time and for the same reason, we have made commercial dough mixer repair appointments as easy as possible for our highly valued customers. Give us a call to book an inspection for your commercial food mixer repair issues.


What are common signs that my commercial dough mixer requires repair?
Some common signs include overheating, leakages, mixer not starting, mixture not combining, heavy turning & lifting, unusual Noises & vibrations, buttons & knobs not working and sparking. Call us now for an inspection.
What will be the cost of my commercial dough mixer repair service?
The actual cost of your dough machine repair depends on the nature of issues at hand and the replacements required to make. Only following a thorough inspection, our technicians provide a repair quote before applying any actual fix. Don't worry, call us for all your dough machine repair near me queries.
How often do I require food mixer repair and maintenance service?
While it is recommended to service your dough mixer annually, it is suggested to carry out routine commercial dough mixer repair and maintenance if your equipment experiences daily rigorous use.
Do you address urgent complaint requests?
YES. Our team is available 7 days a week through official timings to address any urgent or emergency complaints relating to your commercial food mixer repair near me issues in Dubai and UAE.
Do you provide periodic maintenance and AMC?
YES. For the client’s peace of mind we do sign routine preventive maintenance and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) so that you don’t have to worry about your commercial dough mixer repair and maintenance service.