Food Warmer Repair

Food Warmer

Are you facing issues with your food warming equipment? Worried about facing quality deteriorations of the cooked food? Well you are in the right place as FAJ has got you covered for all your commercial food warmer repair and maintenance needs. We specialize in fixing numerous makes and models of food warmers in Dubai and UAE. Our expertise and decades of hands on food warmer repair and maintenance experience makes us unbeatable in both cost and quality. From countertop food warmers to banquet cabinets, we got you covered for all your repair and servicing issues.

FAJ: Your ultimate choice in food warmer repair solutions in Dubai and UAE!

Food Warmer

With our decades of experience and a team of skilled experts, we can proudly claim to provide the best food warmer repair services in Dubai and UAE. Achieving an impressive 100% customer satisfaction rate, we deliver quality repairs at a highly affordable cost in the region. With our focus on the customer’s ease of mind, we always install original and OEM parts with valid warranties during food warmer repair activity in case a follow up is required.
Be it thermostat, hi-limit, element, indicator lights, handles, etc. our technicians are well trained to provide a swift and robust fix. Realizing the severity of your business needs, our technicians will make sure to repair your food warming equipment, having it up and running in no time. If you require food warmer repair and maintenance services in Dubai & UAE, don’t hesitate to call us and book an inspection.

What is a commercial food warmer and why does it need servicing?

A food warmer is used to cook food in a slow, low or moderate temperature and also regulates a desired temperature setting for your cooked food. If you are in the business of freshly cooked food provision, then a food warmer is an essential equipment and it requires routine food warmer repair and maintenance. Serving warm food after it's cooked is the key to customer’s satisfaction for these businesses. If the food warming equipment breaks down then you have no option but to call in commercial food warmer repair experts. While it is encouraged to diagnose equipment dysfunctionality, it is never recommended to fix food warming equipment yourself as this can lead to more harm than good.
Some signs that your food warmer is not functioning properly:

  • Food overheating or underheating

  • Faulty gasket

  • Leakage of holding container

  • Abnormal or loud noises

  • Temperature gauge is not working

  • Dials, handles or components broken

  • Door not closing or malfunctioning

If you require food warmer repair services and your commercial food warming appliance is experiencing any of these issues, feel free to call us and book an inspection. We make sure to send our expert technicians on the same day.

Providing solution to every type of Food Warmer

Can't keep your food product warm enough? You're in luck because FAJ Professional offers food warmer repair and service in commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors. We provide maintenance and repairs for all types of food warmer, including buffet tables and transit cabinets. Give us a call the next time you need food warmer repair, and we can assist. A selection of the types of food warmer we fix are shown below.

  • commercial hot counter food warmer
  • Food display warmer
  • Upright heated food warmer
  • Food mobile warmer
  • Mobile electrical food warmer
  • commercial electrical food warmer
  • Restaurant kitchen heated food warmer
  • Hotel Heated Holding Cabinet Electric Food Warmer
  • Single door food warmer
  • Double door food warmer


What are the signs I need a food warmer repair service?
Common signs include underheating or no heating, burning of metal plates, strange odors, door malfunction, breakages, leakages and short circuits.
How often does my food warmer require repair and servicing?
While it is recommended to service these machines annually, commercial food warmers operate quite rigorously daily which results in requiring shorter cycles of repair and maintenance.
What will be the cost of my food warmer repair?
The actual cost of your repair can be provided following an inspection from our expert technician. We always provide repair quotes before applying actual fixes.
Do you provide emergency repairs?
YES. Our team of experts provide emergency and urgent food warmer repair services through our official timings 7 days a week.
Is it better to repair or replace the food warming unit all together?
While a complete replacement can be costly, repairing a faulty unit can rejuvenate your equipment’s operational life enabling you to save loads in terms of money.