Shawarma Machine Repair

Shawarma Machine Repair

Experiencing frequent shawarma machine breakdown issues? Not sure about “shawarma machine repair near me”? Well worry no more as FAJ will take care of all your shawarma machine repair and maintenance needs. With our team of trained and skilled kitchen equipment technicians, we possess an in-depth knowledge of numerous makes and models of commercial shawarma machines. Our decades of presence in the Dubai and UAE market makes us one of the best commercial shawarma machine repair and maintenance service providers.

How can I identify faults in my shawarma machine?

Shawarma Machine Repair

Some most obvious signs indicating that you require a commercial shawarma machine repair and maintenance service are:

  • Burner not turning on

  • No heating or inadequate heating

  • Skewers not rotating / broken motor

  • Broken or unbalanced meat plate

  • Short circuits & sparking

  • Leakages and drip faults

Well some signs are quite clear, for complex issues you will need to contact commercial shawarma machine repair experts. It is advised to conduct self diagnosis but it is never recommended to attempt an equipment repair yourself. Always remember that such a practice can incur more harm than benefit and can cause serious health hazards.

Which is better: Repair or Replacement?

Let us clear your confusions regarding repairing / fixing or replacing a unit all together. Obtaining a reliable commercial shawarma machine repair service from a trusted company is much cheaper than replacing a whole unit all together. A quality repair and maintenance cycle will enhance your kitchen equipment life by almost half (50%).
Our expert technicians will ensure components refurbishment including servicing resulting in an effective, robust and an energy efficient machine. An expert commercial shawarma machine repair technician will completely rejuvenate your equipment and present you with exceptional cost saving opportunities. Call us now to book an inspection.

FAJ: Your most trusted and reliable option for commercial shawarma repair services.

Whether you own a commercial gas shawarma machine or an electric model, we have highly skilled staff with years of expertise to carry out from the simplest to most complex commercial shawarma machine repair and maintenance service in Dubai and UAE. Our trained technicians are highly certified to give quick and robust fix at a highly affordable price without compromising quality. We have set high standards for provision of quality services in this field.
Our technicians ensure original and OEM parts with valid warranties for any replacements done during the commercial shawarma machine repair and maintenance service. On top of it, we offer timely follow ups for our valued clients in case they are required. We can proudly claim a 100% client satisfaction rate by providing high quality same day repairs minimizing downtime and revenue loss for our customers.


What are the signs that my commercial shawarma machine requires repair and maintenance?
Some common signs that you need a commercial shawarma machine repair include low heating temperature, burners not turning on, broken knobs & dials, hot plate not heating, skewers not rotating and leakages.
What will be the cost of my commercial shawarma machine repair and maintenance?
The actual cost of any repair or servicing can be provided following an official inspection. We always provide price quotes before attempting any commercial shawarma repair activity.
I am unsure of a reliable “shawarma machine service near me”, can I contact you?
If you are unsure of a reliable “shawarma machine service” near you, you can always contact us on our helpline and our team shall get back to you in no time.
Do you offer any periodic maintenance and AMCs?
YES. In order to timely cater all your commercial shawarma machine repair and maintenance needs, we provide our clients with the options of signing routine maintenance and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs).
Do you provide urgent and emergency repair service?
We understand the urgency of obtaining an emergency shawarma machine service following your equipment’s failure. Our team of technicians is available 7 days a week through official timings to address complaints on an urgent basis.