Supermarket Refrigerator Repair

Supermarket Refrigerator Repair

Whether a supermarket business, food retail industry or cold storage for beverages, none would function without a commercial fridge or freezer. In the scorching heat of Dubai, all is well until your supermarket fridge breaks down. During such an event, don't panic as FAJ services has got you covered for all your supermarket refrigerator repair needs. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of supermarket refrigerator repair services, we possess a highly skilled and EPA certified team of technicians to cater any refrigeration issue in your cooling equipment.

The biggest loss due to the sudden failure of a supermarket fridge is revenue loss. All your valuable inventory can spoil, including a slowdown in sales. It can be quite a hassle during hot weather but you can always give us a call for a rapid response. We will send over highly skilled technicians for your supermarket refrigerator repair and maintenance needs. Be it a walk in chiller or a reach in freezer, supermarket fridge or a wall chiller, our staff have extensive knowledge of numerous makes and models. We have all the fixes you need under the same roof.

Signs you need supermarket refrigerator repair and maintenance services

As supermarket fridges are a piece of electronics, they are susceptible to many minor and complex issues making them seem very hard to repair sometimes. Not all issues can be identified by an individual but some common signs that you require a supermarket refrigerator repair & maintenance include:

  • Leaking or broken seals

  • Broken or unbalanced hinges

  • Door issues

  • Broken thermostat

  • Gas leakages

  • Fluctuations in cooling temperature

  • Weird loud noises and vibrations

  • No cooling, under cooling or excessive cooling

  • Equipment overheating

  • Equipment not turning at all

  • Flickering lights or no lights

  • Issues in PCBs, dysfunctional panels and controls not working

If you’ve observed any of these signs, it's an indication to call supermarket refrigerator repair experts and let them handle the rest. While it is highly encouraged to identify common issues, it is never recommended to fix a fridge, freezer or chiller yourself as this can do more harm than good to your health and your valuable equipment. We are well educated with many supermarket fridge makes and models including but not limited to curved glass, square glass, Baine Marie, fish case, wall chiller, island freezer, floral (flower) refrigerator, etc. Our team will provide swift fixes for your supermarket refrigerator repair needs and ensure that your inventory doesn’t experience spoilage, your sales don't diminish and your revenue loss is contained.

Benefits of fixing your supermarket refrigerator

One is always confused when faced with a faulty cooling equipment that should I repair or replace my cooling unit all together. One remains worried that more issues could arise in the coming future as the recruitment is getting older. Let us inform you that replacing a whole unit can prove to be more costly than getting a reliable supermarket refrigerator repair service from a reputable company. Our repair and maintenance services come with an ease of mind by providing quality fixes and replacing any parts with original OEMs with a valid warranty. In addition, if you are unsure of the lengthy process to claim warranty from your brand, we can provide a quick fix at an affordable price eliminating months of waiting without actual cooling equipment.
Some benefits of a timely supermarket refrigerator repair and maintenance service include but are not limited to:

  • Refurbishment of parts and structure

  • Gas replenishment resulting in enhanced cooling

  • Increasing equipment life by almost 40%

  • Reducing chances of short circuits, leakages and hazards

  • Restoring your equipment cooling efficiency and effectiveness

  • Ensuring your supermarket freezer, fridge or chiller is energy efficient

  • Saving you loads of money by preventing a costly replace of whole equipment

  • It will ensure that you don’t face any sudden failures in future

Do you provide emergency supermarket refrigerator repairs and can I prevent my business from such emergencies?

With decades of experience in the field of supermarket refrigerator repair & maintenance services in Dubai and UAE, we provide the best fixes for all your cooling equipment issues. We understand that in the hot weather of Dubai and UAE region, one can’t function without these cooling machines. For any supermarket refrigerator repair and maintenance needs, our team is always available through official timings to cater any emergency or urgent situation 7 days a week. Give us a call to book your inspection and our highly trained technicians will be at your doorstep in no time.
While all electronically operated equipment is susceptible to failures and down time, one can prevent emergency surprises by ensuring health inspections, timely repairs and periodic maintenance of your supermarket cooling appliances. A timely supermarket refrigerator repair and maintenance activity will not only make your mind certain of the condition of your fridges / freezers but will also ensure that any faulty replacement is made on time. People mostly wait quite long to undertake preventive measures as it might visually seem that their cooling equipment is functioning optimally but it might be bearing uncertain loads that may lead to a future failure.

Choose FAJ for your supermarket refrigerator repair and maintenance:

When you are facing issues with your supermarket fridge, freezer or chiller, it’s important to contact the best experts in the field of commercial supermarket refrigerator repair services. Our team has achieved an impressive 100% client satisfaction by providing timely fixes at highly affordable rates. Our team is dedicated to providing quality commercial chiller repair / freezer chiller repair services and maintenance services.
In addition, we possess a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals that are experts in the field of supermarket refrigerator repair services. With our emphasis on timely completion of repair / maintenance activities, we have a motto of delivering robust quality fixes for our clients. For efficient supermarket refrigerator repairs, we use cutting-edge equipment and tools.
Since 2010, we have a strong market presence with an extensive knowledge of diverse domestic, commercial and industrial refrigerator makes, models & brands. On top of it, we only use original and OEM parts for any replacements with valid warranties offering follow ups on our services whenever required.

Maintenance Contracts and AMC Services

For the ease of our valued clients, we offer Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) and periodic maintenance contracts as per customer’s requirements. This ensures best supermarket refrigerator repair and maintenance services for our clients throughout the year. This can prove to be the key to maintaining a healthy life of your equipment and enhancing the efficiency of your business revenue. Our supermarket refrigerator repair and maintenance service is designed to let you know that your equipment is being fixed by experts. Reach us out to learn more about our AMC packages, complete services and enable us to help your business thrive!


What are the common signs that my equipment needs repair?
Common signs you might require a supermarket refrigerator repair and maintenance include inadequate cooling, weird strange noises, leakages, frost build ups, inventory spoilage and bad odors.
How long does it take to repair my supermarket fridge, freezer or chiller?
We know the urgency of running a business during down time and we try our best to give a same day fix. But some supermarket refrigerator repair and fix might take longer or shorter depending on the quality of equipment and nature of the issues at hand.
What kind of supermarket refrigeration equipment can you fix?
We can repair various walk-in & reach-in equipment for a great number of makes, models and types including but not limited to curved glass, square glass, Baine Marie, fish case, wall chiller, island freezer and floral (flower) refrigerators.
Do you provide emergency repair services for my supermarket equipment?
YES. Our staff is present through the official timings 7 days a week in case any urgent supermarket refrigerator repair and maintenance fixing is required.
What will the cost of my repairs be?
While we are dedicated to giving the most cost effective solutions without compromising quality in Dubai and UAE, an actual cost of supermarket refrigerator repair can be provided following an official inspection by our expert technician.