Hot Plate Repair

Hot Plate Repair

In the scorching heat of Dubai and UAE region, routinely servicing your commercial electric hot plate is a must. Whether in your kitchen, hotel or restaurant, if it breaks down, it might leave you in agony. But don't worry, FAJ is here to address all your commercial hot plate repair and maintenance issues. Our team is experienced and skilled to perform any kind of commercial hot plate repair service. Just give us a call to book an inspection and our expert technicians who are well-versed with many makes & models will take care of the rest.

What actually is a hot plate?

Hot Plate Repair

A hot plate is an essential piece of electrical kitchen equipment used to bake, heat, cook food or boil liquids at your facility. These machines come in many sizes and capacities for your domestic, industrial and commercial needs. As it involves electronics it is bound to fail at some point in its life, requiring you to look for a commercial hot plate repair and maintenance expert. Many technological advances made it possible for us to cook food using electricity making these hot plates and induction cooktops a true engineering marvel.

Signs that your induction cooker / hot plate needs repair:

A commercial hot plate experiences quite rigorous daily use and hence it becomes prone to wear & tear. Let us guide you if your hot plate or induction cooker needs a professional hot plate repair and maintenance service.

  • Hot plate not heating

  • Equipment not powering on

  • Cracked glass top

  • Controls not working

  • Broken knobs

  • No or flickering lights

  • Timer not working

  • Uneven cooking

  • Sparking or ticking noises

  • Induction coils not working

  • Dysfunctional PCBs

  • Short circuits

  • Equipment overheating

If you’ve experienced any of these issues or more, feel free to contact us for your commercial hot plate repairs. Some issues can be quite obvious, others can be quite difficult to diagnose. With decades of experience, our expert hot plate repair technicians are quite well-versed with different makes & models. From the simplest to most complex issues in your equipment, our team is very capable of carrying out all kinds of commercial hot plate repairs and maintenance.

Is it worth repairing my kitchen hot plate?

Whenever someone is faced with an equipment failure, the first thought in his / her mind is whether to bear any repair costs and face future failures or just to replace my equipment all together? Let us inform you that a timely electric hot plate repair and servicing is always cheaper than bearing the cost of replacing a unit all together. A quality fix will completely rejuvenate your induction cooktop ensuring refurbishment of all the faulty components. This activity will increase the operational life of your equipment by 40%. If you are unsure of hot plate repair near me give us a call.

A timely commercial hot plate repair & maintenance will ensure that you benefit the most from your kitchen equipment by restoring its original effectiveness. It will also make certain that your machine is drawing less power and remains energy efficient. Our induction hot plate repair service will provide you with both time saving and money saving opportunities.

Choose FAJ for all your hot and induction cooker repair solutions:

With a 100% customer satisfaction rate and decades of presence in the Dubai & UAE market, we can proudly say that we are the best in this field. Our expert team of technicians are highly knowledgeable and actively ready to take up any commercial hot plate repair and maintenance project. Our technician experts are well versed with numerous brands of induction hobs such as LG, Bosch, Siemens, Prestige, Geepas, Krypton and many others.
With the client’s peace of mind in our focus, we always replace faulty components with original and OEMs with valid backup warranties. We also provide follow ups in case of requirement for the commercial hot plate repair and maintenance services we perform. We provide highly affordable market competitive rates for our services without sacrificing quality. We understand the trouble of having a broken hot plate. This is why we ensure swift service, completing fixes the same-day or next-day to get your equipment up and running. Get in touch with our team to book an inspection and we’ll send over expert technicians at your door step in no time.


Do you provide emergency / urgent repairs?
With the customer’s peace of mind in our focus, we do provide emergency commercial hot plate repairs 7 days a week through our official timings. Give us a call to know more about our services.
How often should I get my equipment serviced?
While all of it is dependent on the current situation and / or issues in your equipment, it is generally recommended to service your appliance at least or twice annually. If your equipment is experiencing rigorous use, get it serviced through a reliable commercial hot plate repair expert.
What will be the cost of my repairs?
Each cost of repair is dependent on the nature of issues and fixes applied. Our expert commercial hot plate repair technicians will conduct a thorough inspection and only after provide you with a repair cost quote before applying an actual fix.
Do you sign routine maintenance and Annual Maintenance Contracts with industrial and commercial businesses?
YES. For our valued commercial clients, we do sign periodic maintenance and AMCs with our clients. This will enable our customers to enjoy peace of mind and eliminate any worries of getting regular maintenance services.
Do you provide periodic maintenance and AMC?
YES. For the client’s peace of mind we do sign routine preventive maintenance and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs).